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Fiji Sevens rugby team helps out Flight Attendants inflight

On Thursday, the players were on board Virgin Australia’s flight from Nadi to Brisbane when there was a mid-flight emergency. According to passenger Ryan Fee, one traveller fell into a serious condition early in the flight, and remained so for the majority of the trip as the plane flew back to Australia. As soon as the severity of the situation became apparent, Virgin staff rushed to tend to the woman, working quickly to provide the highest level of care available. ( More...

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sharon bias 2
Love these kinds of stories
My wife and I have visited Fiji. What they did doesn't surprise me. They are the best natured men we have ever met. Multi talented and very funny. A great place to tour.The women are the same as the men.
A story like this is a breath of fresh air. It makes me want to visit Fiji very much.
Geoff Arkley 1
Hey, decent people are decent people wherever they are. Good job guys!
Had a very similar thing happen to me when a man had a heart attack in-flight while me and the rest of the crew provided medical assistance. We had several Hooters girls on board that were on their way to a competition. They all came to our assistance and helped with the service.... I didnt mind at all the pax loved it. Glad to say the man survived tho....
John Gonzalez 1
This story does not surprise me in the least. Having visited Fiji I know the respect they have for one another, the care and love of life that they have. Wonderful work all the way around. A thank you for reminding me of how important the things we do for others is as important as the things we do for ourselves.


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