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RAAF jets would run out of fuel just 30 days into a major conflict, report warns

RAAF war planes would run out of fuel just 30 days into a major conflict due to a dangerous shortage of aviation fuel, a report has warned. The sobering news comes as defence sources suggest that the new Defence White Paper might not be released until after Christmas and possibly not until after the next election. With new Defence Minister Marise Payne grappling with the complex portfolio, the much anticipated and fully-funded national strategic document is under fresh financial pressure as the… ( More...

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bentwing60 0
Meanwhile we pussyfoot around a muslim insanity that will likely kill more individuals than Hitler.
siriusloon 0
Just as not all German were responsible for Hitler's crimes, not all Muslims are responsible for those of ISIL. Sorry to let reality get in the way of your racism.


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