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Airport employee busted for taking selfie on plane wing

The selfie phenomenon has swept the world, but one place taking a picture of yourself is still forbidden is on the wing of an airplane. ( More...

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Louis Holder 3
It isn't complicated at all. I'm sure he knew what he was doing. He may know a lot about aircraft than you think. I wasn't a mechanic but I knew where to step because I fueled Eastern's back in the day. To bad the cell phone wasn't invented or they probably would have fired me for a selfie to. Jealousy if you ask me. No harm done.
WtfWtf 1
Exactly. Must they take the joy and pride out of everything today?
Norman Best 2
Not every offense is a capital offense. Big difference between littering and murder...
sparkie624 2
This is the NON-EVENT of the year... UGH... These wings are stong and can take a beating.... I have been on top of wings for Professional and Personal reasons MANY TIMES.... Geez, when I graduated from my A&P School years ago, or class photo was for some of us sitting on wing, and others standing... This is on of the most stupid things to have come up... A Non-Event... The Employee should not have been up there is not good, but by the same point, unless he was trying to do damage, he won't... I even have a pic take of me standing on the wing of a 737 standing beside the winglet... No Biggie here.
Either their employee training sucks, the employee is stupid, or both.
sparkie624 1
I would say it is more of a line of "Stupidity" and "Bad Judgement"
This is absolutely ridiculous.
sparkie624 2
It is ridiculous that this actually made the news.
30west -2
I have a big problem with an untrained SwissPort employee climbing onto a wing of the AA jet. Who knows what damage he could have caused by stepping where he shouldn't be steeping or grabbing something that he shouldn't be grabbing, and if he opened the over-wing emergency exit to climb onto the wing, the next question becomes was it put back correctly?

I believe he should be terminated.
sparkie624 2
As a Trained Airline Mechanic for Many Years, I do know what kind of damage he could do, and that amount would be very little... Nothing to worry about here. I think he should be disciplined, but fired, no... This does not warrant that in the least... A letter in his file and maybe 3 days off...
WtfWtf 2
Dont be such a knee jerking paranoid alarmist. He might have known where to not step by the big black letters that say "No Step". You need to climb onto the wing every time to get into an Archer or Seminole. Give the guy a break, he just was trying to have some fun. He probably makes 7 bux an hour so educate him, give him a stern warning, but no reason to fire the guy if he learns his lesson.
30west -2
If an employee doesn't respect the equipment that he is servicing with his actions having the potential for costly repairs due to his action, then he needs to face the consequences. AA took the jet OTS for an inspection by their mechs to insure the jet was still airworthy. Good call AA. Maybe deduct the cost of that inspection from his salary.

I have climbed on many GA airplane wings and I supervise non-pilots as they climb, to avoid damage to the airplane whether it is mine or someone else's. It is being responsible which the SwissPort employee was not. He was goofing off with a very expensive piece of equipment.

I stand by my original post.
sparkie624 4
Who said he was disrespecting it.... Most pilots do more damage in a normal landing that he would do standing on the wing...

I understand AA sending a mechanic out to inspect the plane and as a Maintenance Controller I would ahve done the same and told a mechanic to take a bottle of cleaner to remove the foot prints... DOH, removes liability and gives a quick double check... Other than a bottle of cleaner, a wrag, and an Ink Pin.. Nothing else was needed.... BTW, the Ink pis is to sign the log book... "Inspected A/C, Cleaned Area, No Defects Noted, A/C pl for service"....


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