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[Video] Bush Pilot Does Perfect Snow Donuts In A Piper Cub

This Part time Alaskan bush pilot has made a name for himself doing unique and outlandish aviation antics in the last remaining frontier. He's a four time consecutive winner at the Valdez short takeoff and landing competition (STOL). ( More...

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WhiteKnight77 3
He looks like he was having fun. The pilot won the STOL competition using 44 feet of runway to take off and land.
Safe site. No problems or malware detected
g meades 2
I can't get there either - I.E. crashes.
Victor Engel 1
I like the sparkly air afterward.
chalet 1
Silly stunt, it does not do anything to further the desire of young potential pilots to receive flying lessons. This guy belongs to Nascar or something like that.
Your security must be a little sensitive today cparks. Site is safe.
Videos sensacionais, parabéns.
cparks -2
I'm not opening that website. From my security software:

Malicious attack ahead

Webroot had blocked access to the website you tried to open.
It has been reported to contain malicious content.


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