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Major delays for air travellers as Australian Border Protection staff strike

Passengers at Sydney Airport. Photo / Getty Images Passengers at Sydney Airport. Photo / Getty Images Travellers face delays with strikes under way across Australia's eight international airports. Department of Immigration and Border Protection employees are planning 10 days of disruptions to protest pay and working conditions. The strikes started at 4am AEST (6am NZST) in Cairns and are scheduled for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and the Gold Coast. HAVE YOU BEEN… ( More...

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Jon Herd 1
The folk at Cairns wouldn't work in an ion lung. These people are bludgers.
airindia744 1
Typical the Australian's really know how to show there enthusiasm towards the visitors and when they know it's school holiday time they do it. But really they get paid enough as it is to do nothing some just stand around all day looking for a excuse or talking rubbish to each other
floatplaneS7 0
They are parthedic. How dare they cost passengers extra money for missing their connecting flights, hotel bookings, cruise etc etc. I vote to sack the lot of them and hire those wanting to work. We don't owe you a living, you owe us a service or find a job an a fast food chain!
babyracer 0
Riiight. So you would have no problem whatsoever if YOUR boss cut YOUR pay by 8 grand a year? So they should just let the government circumvent laws put into place to protect the workers, their rights and their pay? They should just lay down and take it without even a whimper?
Are you even the slightest bit aware how much crap these people have to put up with in their line of work? I guess you'd be just as happy if they didn't exist just for passengers convenience instead of protecting our shores from illegals, undesireables, illicit substances et al.
floatplaneS7 1
babyracer your missing the point and the way I read your comment suggests your one of those workers or connected in some way.

I've been a union member on various fronts most of my life, however not once did any of our industrial disputes cause so much grieve for those that have absolutely nothing to do with the workers rights! There are much better ways (be it more time consuming) to prevent this without holding customers at ransom like these idiots have done. Don't get me wrong they aren't the only ones, refuellers in Perth planned a strike on Grand Final day, yea that's the way to get people's votes!

I'd like to see you be at the front of the queue at our customs lines explaining to those who had prebooked their holidays months earlier why the ship has already left or connecting flights gone without them. I'd like to see you put your hand in your pocket to give those now out of pocket thousands and thousands of dollars! Yea, right.

I'm not disagreeing with you, just diagree in the way your treating the public! not to mention those (me) who operate 20hrs only to get in another queue and miss connecting flights home making for a very long trip. Do I complain to company? No, just put up with this stupid selfish act.


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