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Honolulu-Bound Plane Makes Emergency Landing At LAX

LOS ANGELES ( — A flight from Dallas and bound for Honolulu Friday reported mechanical problems, but landed safely at Los Angeles International Airport and none of the 216 passengers on board were injured, authorities said. Firefighters and paramedics were called to LAX when the plane reported trouble. ( More...

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leeyein501 2
It could be because of the revolting clam chowder the have in flight that looks like vomit As for the comeents below about AAL191 KORD 1979 that was a real mistakes how the airline continued on after class action court cases has got me beat.
Loral Thomas 2
In light of AAL latest problems, was this plane ETOPS certified?? Gotta wonder. LOL
pawsnursery47 1
Being a 767-300, I would expect it to be. I doubt they will make that mistake again.
OK< nobody seems to know what the problem really was, so begin the yellow press speculation cycle. How about posting just the facts, if you know them and can verify. Then keep the unnecessary corporate bashing to a minimum.
matt jensen 1
AAL is the VW of the skies. And VW is on the hot seat for $18B in EPA fines.
joel wiley 1
Here is the flight to LA. Appears to have arr 10:25 continued after 13:00 local
littleindia -1
No the plane was in for A check and should not have gone out of Maintenance until it's airworthiness was approved. AAL have always abused there FAA regulations as did when they lost there DC10 AAL191 at KORD 1979. They still haven't learn't from there mistakes or don't care. But mind you it was because they used a forklift to hoist the engine up cracking the pylons and damaging it when it finally broke away from the wing area killing all aboard. If they don't watch out it will come back around again and peoples lives will be lost as a result of the airline.
preacher1 1
That's a little bit of a stretch here. I had friends there too and 36 years is a long time. No reason to bring that up at all except some bitterness.
matt jensen 1
I was supposed to be on that flight with my elderly parents. Based on a premonition we cancelled. It crashed two days later. If the way AAL treated the victim families was an indication of how they would conduct biz in the future, I would have never flown them ever again.
joel wiley 1
Is that a question or an exclamation? BTW, I think caos lock is on.


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