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Boeing takes over Tirumph's 747 workshare

Boeing said it will take over the Boeing 747 fuselage panel work from its supplier Triumph Aerostructures. The fuselage panels will be built at Boeing's Macon, Georgia facility beginning in 2018, providing assembled fuselage panels to Boeing's 747 final assembly line in Everett, Washington ( More...

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joel wiley 4
Noticed the poster replicated the headline's typo. Wonder if poster is an employee or bot?
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preacher1 2
This really don't make a lot of sense unless they have other plans for Macon they haven't announced yet. This won't happen until 2018, which is 3 years away and they only have 2 years of orders on the books.
joel wiley 4
Maybe some of those 777 flaperon parts they were subbing to AB?
linbb 1
Wondering if Boeing is going to continue moving work south east due to labor problems in Seattle. I agree the timing of coming on line a year after the last order is due sounds like more work could be shifted. More info coming soon it said.
preacher1 1
They may do it but they are locked down on some of that in Wa. State due to concessions and state subsidies.


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