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NEW CanJet, Halifax-based airline, to suspend flight operations indefinitely

CanJet, a Halifax-based charter airline, will be suspending flight operations effective immediately, the company's president told CBC News. Stephen Rowe, president of CanJet Airlines, says that the company has decided to take a step back to determine if they want to move forward with a different financial plan that may or may not include more planes. ( More...

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Pascan Aviation is also restructuring. Tough times for the smaller players in Canada.
Another one of CANADIAN Sky business bites the dust....really a shame .
AIR CANADA / WEST JET are the bullies on the block these days !!!!!
djames225 2
Unfortunately for CanJet, it was their own undoing...too much debt ratio when merged wirh Canada3000 and only 1 contract (you cant operate a charter airline with only 1 contract) with a tour company who already had aircraft...Air Transat and Sunwing took the bite out of these folks, not Air Canada or Westjet
Brian Lager 1
Can Jet was its own worst enemy. The elephant in the room was Air Transat cancelling the charter arrangement it had with Ken Rowe. When he wouldn't compromise, Air Transat purchased their own 737's leaving Can Jet without options. Neither West Jet or Air Canada had any input into this.


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