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Crowdfunding Effort Set To Finance First Vertical Lift Passenger Aircraft

While the flying car may never get off the ground, XTI Aircraft is hoping to bridge the gap with its new take on a light jet that will transport you door-to-door. ( More...

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Ric Wernicke 2
I have been flying vertical lift passenger aircraft for decades.

They are called helicopters.
Davon Grant 1
So im guessing there will be no v1 speed right? So what if engine failure occurs?
Davon Grant 1
Disregard last comment
preacher1 1
And we think we have a problem now with drones. That saying about flying safer than driving will go away when all them idiots get off the hiway and into the sky.
linbb 1
And for how many years have those people been sucking cash out of people saying that the flying car is just around the corner


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