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Incident: LAN B787 at Santiago on May 12th 2015, flock of birds, both engines ingested birds

A LAN Airlines Boeing 787-800, registration CC-BBD performing flight LA-705 from Madrid,SP (Spain) to Santiago (Chile), was on approach to Santiago's runway 17L when the aircraft flew through a flock of birds and received a number of bird strikes into both engines (Trent 1000), pitot tubes, nose cone and landing gear. The aircraft continued for a safe landing on runway 17L. The aircraft is still on the ground in Santiago about 35 hours after landing. ( More...

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Rob Harrison 1
Poor birdies! Tasteless attempt at humor aside, hats off to the crew. Certainly could have been a much worse outcome.
oowmmr 1
The Vanes/Blades still look good. I wonder if they have to determine if there was an excessive side that would possibly cause internal damages.


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