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6-Year-Old Girl on 'No Fly' List

"We were, like, puzzled," said Dr. Santhosh Thomas. "I'm like, well, she's kinda six-years-old and this is not something that should be typical." ( More...

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Jackie Butcher 0
This is an example of how the "No Fly List" makes absolutely no sense. Apparently the government does not have the funds to correct this list and implement a better of tagging those who should be on the list. I wonder if Obama could offer the TSA a beer or two and sit down and talk about it.
Glen Horton 0
This is just typical of our government at work. (what an oxymoron)
Mark Gandy 0
Im not really surprised. With the rising tightness and strictness of airport security and the lower the government cares about anything, this was bound to happen eventually. I'll bet a thousand dollars this wont be the last time this happens in the next year or 2. (or maybe a month month)


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