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Qatar Airways announces three new cities

Qatar Airways has officially announced flights to Atlanta, Boston, and Los Angeles. ( More...

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pilotjag 1
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Qatar Airways Announces Boston, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, Adds Second New York Flight

Qatar Airways on Monday said it plans to expand its services to the United States, in a move that likely will trigger a backlash from U.S. airlines that accuse it of competing unfairly through state subsidies.
Josh Schwartz 0
Awesome news! Can't wait to see the A350 at BOS. BOS is killing the aviation game, particularly after getting its inaugural flight from HKG over the weekend. Qatar saw the need to expand into BOS, especially after seeing Emirates upgrade its service there. They also realized that they needed to expand into the southeast, especially after hearing about Emirates service to Orlando. LAX was a particularly important move for them, considering that Emirates and Etihad both have established presences there- can't have an airport with only 2 of the Gulf Three. I'm really excited to watch BOS grow, so many new destinations and added all of the time!


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