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FAA Approves Predator Drone to Monitor Texas Border

The FAA today approved an unmanned aircraft to monitor 1,200 miles of the border, from El Paso to Brownsville, according to Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Laredo. ( More...

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Jesus Rivera 0
I saw this coming...
Kevin Kuhn 0
actually i believe it saw you seeing it coming. and so the militarization begins...
did anyone read the article? They have been using them for five years in all the other border states. Hasn't helped AZ so what difference will it make in TX?
Ben Newcomb 0
Hmm, guess no one read the article. The drone is used for observation.
According to CBP, since 2005 Predator Bs have flown more than 1,500 hours in support of border security missions and have assisted in the apprehension of more than 4,000 illegal aliens, in addition to the seizure of more than 15,000 pounds of marijuana.
Casey Duke 0
There is already nearly continuous electro-optical coverage from CA to the Gulf with the Aerostats thethered at 15000'. Doesn't anyone think that this could be a first step in a more sinister effort to surveil the US side?
I gotta find my tinfoil hat.
This will give us more opportunity to observe the crossings. I'm unsure why we need to watch the crossing if we are not going to stop the crossing?
David Houpt 0
What about using the out of work pilots to fly observation planes? This would put pilots to work, GA type airplanes could be used and that would put a shot into the arm of the GA airplane market. Or use the CAP to fly the missions of observation. They have airplanes, personal and a management network already in use. These drones cost much more than most GA airplanes. A good savings to the public.

Unmanned airplanes not able to see and avoid other traffic doesnt look good to me. A good place to have an accident.
Gene spanos 0
It's about time.
Inspection and Enforcement.
Now just take away the rubber gun squad
aka: National Guard.


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