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Cirrus Aircraft Deliveries in 2014 Drive Strongest Performance in Six Years

Cirrus Aircraft today announced that new aircraft shipments in 2014 were the best company performance since 2008 as the Cirrus SR22 maintained its position as the best-selling airplane in its segment for the 12th year in a row. New unit deliveries for 2014 totaled 308, a 12 percent increase over 2013, securing the industry’s leading market share for the category. Cirrus Aircraft has now delivered over 5,800 new aircraft and the global Cirrus fleet has amassed over six million flight hours. ( More...

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MH370 1
Since February 2011 the company is owned by the Chinese government...
From everything I could find, the same people, build the same aircraft, in the same location, lead by the same CEO.

Where were the investors when the company needed it?


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