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Delta adds Boeing 717s for Los Angeles/San Francisco service

Delta Air Lines will introduce Boeing 717 aircraft on eight of the 15 daily flights between Los Angeles International (LAX) and San Francisco International airports in June, offering 40 percent more seats on its hourly nonstop Delta Shuttle. ( More...

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leery1 4
you mean you don't have to fly to Atlanta first?
aidannorman 1
Well it depends on where your coming from.
If you were flying from ATW to there yes I would have to fly to Atlanta or Detroit then to DFW
But you can fly to DFW directly from a place like Detroit
preacher1 1
I guess they know their traffc patterns better than me but from a cost standpoint there is a lot of what DAL did that just don't make sense to me. They closed hubs at DFW, MEM and CVG. The opened hubs at MSP, SLC and SEA and have beefed up LAX and LTL, not to mention LGA. Looks to me like they opened more than they closed. How did that save any money. They were in the process of shutting down DFW and opening SLC at the same time, all the while laying the DFW closure off to the bankruptcy or merger, I forget which. They were one of the charter airlines at DFW. Just don't make no sense.
If you look at their long haul international routes they are principally out of ATL, DTW and MSP,and there are some from JFK. MSP and DTW are old NWA hubs and I think they just had too many. They have hub bed in SLC for a long time. MEM is awful close to ATL and an old NW hub and I suspect they were getting their butts kicked at DFW with AA and WN (Love Field). Just some ramblings!!
preacher1 1
Yeah, I know most were old NWA. It's just pissin' that they closed down here. Flying on memory but I don't think they started Salt lake until after they pulled out of DFW; if they were, they weren't touting it down this way. You could connect in at DFW and hello West Coast. Oh well, it is what it is.
Who is WN? Wisconsin Northern?
Southwest Airlines
Why not refer to it as SWA?
preacher1 2
There are 1001 answers. Their IATA code is WN; don't ask why other than SW was in use and this was next on the list. Their ICAO is LUV as well as their stock symbol. The only thing I can think of is that SWA is more identifiable, kinda like DIA instead of DEN, easier to remember.
Cade Emtage 1
I didnt even now 717's were in use still!
Howard Marks 1
What is ironical is these are the same AirTran 717's sold by Southwest to Delta. Now, these same planes will be going head-to-head against Southwest in the LA to SanFran corridor.
preacher1 1
Yep, I think Air Tran was about the only one running them.
I wonder if the 717s will be true Delta operations or will Compass operate the larger planes. Outsourcing may continue, which is a sad state of the business.
preacher1 1
I think these are true DAL and probably the capacity contract is why they didn't take the others.
Curt Carlson 1
Love Delta growing on the West Coast. Shame they gave it all away after the Western merger. Now flying out LAX to YVR, SEA, ANC, LAS, SJC and more. Just like the good ol days. Hope it keeps going.
Ric Wernicke 0
Can the aircraft flying to San Francisco get much smaller?

If this trend endures, when they announce "get on the plane" they will mean you should put it between your legs and strap on!
preacher1 2
Rick, where are you coming from? These are bigger planes on over half the flights.


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