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A-10s will support war against ISIS

The plane, also known as the "Warthog,” provides close air support for ground troops. The A-10 fighter squadron arrived in Southwest Asia between Nov. 17 and 21 with "several" jets. ( More...

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canuck44 7
Now if they are given ROE's that do not include a need to consult DOD attorneys or political commissars before shooting a target plus a few Special Forces Ground Controllers, they could have a great turkey shoot just in time for Thanksgiving.
Tim Marks 3
The ISIS scum will learn pretty quickly to scurry back into their ratholes when a pair of A10s are patrolling the area - just like the cockroaches and fleas they share their beds with.
"Getcha some of this ".
Marcus Pradel 1
let's show those politicians the king of Hurt the Hog is able to unleash.. forget the F35 or even 22s
chalet 1
And the F-15s, F-16s and F-18s, great planes but for some other engagements
For effect per dollar spent probably the best bargain the US government ever got.
bbabis 0
'bout time! Turn 'em loose.


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