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This Is The Most Awe Inspiring USAF Thunderbirds Video Ever

Ride right inside the cockpit with Thunderbird #5, the lead solo, and see the incredible visuals they see out of their F-16C's bubble canopy. With the use of multiple in-cockpit angles from multiple locations during the a Thunderbirds season, and showing a wide variety of formations and tasks, this is quite possibly the most awe inspiring Thunderbirds video of all time. ( More...

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Paul Smith 1
I remember the Thunderbirds when they were still flying the F100. But my favorite Thunderbird aircraft was the F-4 Phantom. it was very efficient in turning jet fuel into noise! Least favorite thunder bird aircraft was the T 38. But they were always exciting to watch every time.
THAT WAS AwwwwesOme.....their neck must hurt after awhile !....
Tom Lyons 1
Their aircraft really do become an extension of their bodies. It's so seamless. Awesome vid.
Jeff Coghill 1
What I would give to ride along with these guys one day. Been seeing the Thunderbirds since I was a kid in the early 70s.
Jose Simes 1
John Garduno 1
What a great video, these pilots make it look easy, and it is a lot of mental and physical flying, good job, thunderbird s.
what about G-suits? (It looks as if they are not wearing any.)
HOOYAH Air Force! (from a USAF Mom)
Thomas Meehan 1
What a great video compilation. You guys make it look so easy. We are very proud of your work and real glad you are on our team. Fly safe.
oowmmr 1
That was different as was the music. Its always interesting to see all the buffeting going on in formation videos, that can't be seen from the ground. I just learned the leading edge moves down to make it turn faster.


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