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Arik Air: Passenger Vomits, Dies On Flight From Nigeria To JFK

A passenger on Arik Air vomited in his seat and then died on a flight from Nigeria to JFK in New York. According to Mail Online, the 63-year-old American man was tested for Ebola, but the CDC confirmed that he did not have the disease. The flight left Lagos, Nigeria, on Wednesday, but the unnamed passenger didn’t make it to the States. Once the plane landed, 145 passengers were forced to stay on the plane while CDC, Port Authority, and customs officials boarded the aircraft in protective gear. ( More...

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Derek Thomas 3
Important Notice: Until Further Notice: All person's coughing, spitting, vomiting or having, uh, intestinal problems, will cause mass panic. You've been warned! This warning will expire as soon as the press finds something else to focus on...


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