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Lights, cameras, drones - The drone industry got more than just a Hollywood ending Thursday

The FAA’s approval for six television and motion picture companies to use drones as flying cameras doesn’t open the floodgates to all the other businesses eager to use them to photograph weddings, dust crops or deliver packages. But it sets the stage for more pro-drone decisions to follow, after years of the agency insisting that just about all commercial use of drones was illegal. (Apologies if this is a duplicate squawk. I couldn't find one in the search.) ( More...

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Bernie20910 3
I still say that if one of 'em flies over my property below controlled airspace I'm considering it a free skeet target.
Be sure to check local ordnances regarding firing weapons. Shooting into the air may be considered "reckless," even if you're only using birdshot and you have a large amount of property.

Also, keep in mind the several Supreme Court decisions which clarify that outside one's home, there is little reasonable expectation of privacy, even in your backyard.
Bernie20910 1
It's not a question of privacy, it's a question of trespassing. Uncontrolled airspace over my property is mine, to use as I see fit, and I happen to be an amateur radio operator who uses that airspace for antennas. I have a right to protect my property from damage due to one of these things trespassing through my airspace.

And there are other ways of bringing one of these down besides using a firearm.
Marcus Pradel 2
It's time to stop the crackdown on simple applications like realtors, etc..
Esteban Marin 1
Same here, if it goes within my property below 200 feet, it better fly fast...


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