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See Images of Airplanes at Night Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

This summer, photographer Kevin Kunstadt began making long exposures of airplanes as they flew over the New York City area at night, creating these surreal and eerily beautiful images. ( More...

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Bad news photographer...I've seen plenty of images of aircraft at night like that. :/
preacher1 5
Hate to say it but all I see are streaks in the sky. Am I missing something?
siriusloon 1
Apparently. The text of the article says things like "images that chart the flight paths" and "his images capture light trails usually invisible to the human eye".
Have seen them before, you are not missing anything. Just nothing there to start with.
MultiComm 1
Some of those photos have some pretty low flying aircraft (#2 & #8) ... I wonder if it is a test run of the Amazon Delivery Drones under the cover of darkness. Haha!
I liked them!


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