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American Slashes 80% of Flights to Venezuela

American Airlines is joining other carriers in cutting back on flights to Venezuela, the airline said Tuesday. The Dallas-based carrier, which currently operates 48 weekly flights to the country, will reduce its flying to the country by 80%. It will discontinue service linking Caracas, the capital and largest city in Venezuela, and Dallas, New York, and San Juan, effective July 2, 2014. Flights from Miami will continue to operate... ( More...

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Rafael Mora 6
Dear friends, I just want to tell you one thing, DON'T EVER let your people to fall apart from education. A non educated population choose the wrong government (most of the time, there are exceptions as usual). Keep fighting for good education, that's the true freedom.
indy2001 5
Sadly, as is usually true, the innocent customers will suffer the most. But AAL has been very patient with Venezuela about this issue, much more so than the other airlines who bailed out months ago.
canuck44 1
Delta and United still have a single daily flight...undoubtedly like American keeping their options open. I suspect they try to sell round trip tickets from the Northern end and discourage sales in Caracas.
Rafael Mora 3
It's sad that stupid people in the venezuelan goverment make us (venezuelans) look as stupid as they are. I'm sure this circus in my country will soon end.
canuck44 4
Don't apologize Rafael...we are going the same way in the USA.
VKSheridan 1
Agreed. Chin up Rafael.
smoki 0
With respect to "...we are going the same way in the USA." Unfortunately many of the poor folks coming here and entering illegally from that part of the world who are being encouraged to do so by factions on both ends for selfish political and economic reasons, are obliging by voting in elections such that the result will be the counter-intuitive creation here of a replica of that which they left in search of a better life. Go figure!
It's important for the rest of the world to know that Venezuelan travelers are paying $1,600 (at the official exchange rate) for economy fare from CCS to MIA on AA, almost double what you would pay if your tickets were bought stateside. For fairness sake let's make a clear distinction between government and nationality.
Rafael Mora 2
The country is split in halves, 50% wants comunism and live from road fairy tales and we, the other 50%, who wants progress and build a strong nation who can produce for the national and international market and also stop the dependency from the Oil.
The halves thing... I could argue some, but I believe this discussion would fall off this forum's interest. The dependency on Oil is something that's only in that government's mind (or in Castro's) as in wishful thinking, because between the fracking hype in the US, other related findings in China, and a world consensus and focus shift out of oil dependence and the lack of trained and experienced manpower to guide the meandering oil resources, the future (if any) of that economic model of Venezuela's looks dim, to say the least.
james denike 1
suggest anyone wishing to comment on Venezuela should first read Eduardo Galeano's classic, "Open Veins of Latin America".
The Venezuelan government does not fulfill its commitments, it is logical that the airline will want to go to Venezuela, as they can not repatriate their dividends ..
Dee Lowry 1
AA slashed the price because nobody what's to go there. Kind of like "Rio"'re flying into a corrupt country. Reminds me of going to Afghanistan for a golfing vacation. Which I didn't do. Good luck to "Rio" with the Olympics!
jet4ang 1
What the hell is wrong with AA. Here's a quote from their new president back in March. ""President (Barack) Obama, if this message reaches you, you should know that it would be the worst mistake of your life to sign the authorization of the assassination of President Nicolas Maduro," he said in a high-octane speech recalling his predecessor Hugo Chavez's spats with the United States. The people a re rioting because this guy's the same as Chavez. Oh well, enough politics, but just a reminder about govts.
LarryQB 1
Sad to see this argument. As a pilot now retired for AA I used to fly into CCS and always enjoyed our layovers. This money problem with the V govt. reminds me of when, in a previous life, I flew for Braniff. The Argentine govt. wouldn't let Braniff take money out, so Braniff bought a huge amount of leather and made seats for our planes from it.
Davenit 1
Well, If Venezuela doesn't want to pay up, then What do they expect? Free service?
Your statement is somewhat controversial:

Venezuela (as used in the statement) is the government (who doesn't want to "pay up" because their inflation rates are higher than anything we know of anywhere else in the region)

They (as used in the statement) are the people who ARE indeed paying American Airlines

So the answer to your question is no, the people don't expect free service, they are paying for it, as indy2001 said, the innocent customer will suffer the most
matt jensen -1
VE pays in oil, just as it did during the first Gulf War. AAL is disengeous when it had planned to discontinue flights to CCS - it has in the past few years, sent extra jets there to tanker up on the cheap JP and fly to Aruba to pickup pax. This move just bolsters the national carrier's position which has half-price tickets.


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