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Asiana suspended for 7 days by South Korea due to safety

Asiana flights to Saipan (PGSN) suspended 7 days. Pilot suspended for 30 days for ignoring engine warning light. ( More...

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Pileits 9
Considering how Asiana smashed into that seawall at SFO I think this airline should be suspended or put on notice for ANY infraction.
Asiana seems to have some sort of weird thinking going on regarding aviation safety.
JetMech24 5
From the artcile: "Safety has emerged as a priority in South Korea after some 300 people were killed in a ferry sinking in April."
Apparently they are ignoring or have already forgotten the SFO incident. Not to degrade the ferry incident severity, but the article doesn't even mention the SFO accident.
I wouldn't fly on Asiana if it was free! And Skytrax listed it as one of the 10 best airlines in the world. Someone at skytrax needs to be fired.
To add to Mr. Mills' comment. Another incident at LAX by KAL. Many years ago a KE MD-111 freighter made a hard landing at LAX. It curved the fuselage like a "U." After being unloaded at the KAL Cargo facility, it was was towed to the old Continental Maintenance facility. Anything denoting KAL (aircraft colors, tail no., etc.,) was painted over very quickly.
They always do that. Name an airline that leaves a broken plane around with their titles on it if they can help it.
Fred White 5
I think it's more likely the pilot didn't know what to do about the light rather than actually ignoring it.
WDR ( with due respect ) if this being so his training and briefing are defective, a management dereliction !
Dave Mills 2
Expanding on Pileits comment, I have a problem w/Korean carriers in general, especially CRM: KAL007's navigational error, the KAL freighter outside of Stansted in 1999, the 9/11 transponder debacle, of course AAR at SFO. The list is ridiculous.

Then there's this spring's KAL LAX light pole strike by a super...and now AAR's taken delivery of a super, too?. Sorry to say, but in a QF32 situation, I believe their so-called CRM would have probably splashed the plane.

Just as well Saipan proxies for the U.S. on this one, imo.
Seeing as I live on Saipan, I am curious as to why flights were suspended to Saipan for 7 days? What does that indicate if anything. Was the original flight to Saipan, and if so what difference does a 7 day suspension of flights mean at all. Seems the punishment is for us, reducing the tourist trade which is pretty much our only source on income.
With no malice to you and your trade, would you prefer a mishap that may harm the inflow of visitors on long term basis ?
Isn't a short term inconvenience better that the long term kind ?
Look at when your car is under service and/or repair !
We all know too well the principles behind the crime-punishment-corrective/deterrent equation !
Some people never learn.
It's a common management / administrative practice that desperate situations deserve desperate solutions/remedies.
And we all know that such a principle has universal application.
I wonder when and how the world body ICAO and FAA will invoke this ?
Why wait for some more Asiana 214 like accidents ?
mmmmm....A bit overkill?


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