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Delta Debuts New Amenities in Premium Economy

Delta Air Lines announced that it is adding several new amenities to its in-flight service offerings in Economy Comfort, its Premium Economy section, on flagship transcontinental routes to and from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. Passengers traveling in Economy Comfort on flights between JFK and Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle now receive a complimentary pillow, blanket, and sleep kit with eyeshades and earplugs. ( More...

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panam1971 4
Isn't "Premium Economy" a contradiction in terms?
Ric Wernicke 8
Pillows and blankets are not a "debut." I enjoyed them on flights when all planes had propellers.

Delta reintroduces normal seat pitch and blankets in economy. Big deal. What's next, a hot meal? I would love to take 1970's Delta anywhere.

I agree with Craig, people need to step it up with respect to appropriate clothing in flight. Might I add hygiene?

I recall flights into the 1970's that were "men only" that expected suits and ties, and port and cigars were enjoyed after eating. Men ate what was served without quibbles about gluten, nuts, or fats. They were actually nice flights. No wailing infants, or children running up and down the aisle, no ladies complaining about the temperature (or anything else) or spending excessive time in the head. Men did not overstuff the overhead bins, or carry excessive baggage.
Yes, you may add hygiene. It even trumps attire as far as appearance but cleanliness applies equally.
BC Hadley 3
I don't mean to go all feminist on you, but I see plenty of men stuffing what ought to be checked bags in the overheads these days. Men have achieved equality there. Your general message is dead-on.
usad 1
In his defense, I believe he was saying in days long ago, men didn't do that. As you said, now they surely do! So true.
WithnailANDi 2
I understsand the basic sentiment of your comment, but your implication that women are the only people who have gluten or nut allergies, or who overstuff the overhead bins or complain about the temperature (or anything else) is complete bunk.

During my years as a flight attendant, I had a male (a commercial pilot, no less) throw a hissy fit on the jetway because I wouldn't let him on board with his five carry-on items. I had a man get drunk in flight and put his arm across the aisle, preventing crew members from doing their jobs. During a very long delay on the runway, I had two men throw complete tantrums in their first class seats, screaming and beating on the windows, while the women and babies in coach class sat silent as stones, patiently waiting for us to get released from the hold.

Actually, I think it would be fabulous if there were "men only" and "women only" and "child free" flights for both genders. Let male flight attendants work the "men only" flights (they'd prefer it anyway) and deal with the farting, drinking, smelly, egotistic, ranting men.

The women could then look forward to things like using the airplane restroom without their shoes sticking to the floor.
Actually the problem is that there are too many men who want to be women. Lol
ADXbear 4
Good to see airlines bring back amenities to flying.. I hope , I wish people would dress the part as passengers like the old days... and I would like to see Limited Alcohol or removal to prevent unruly people from messing up the trip for us and the flight crew.
sparkie624 1
Wishful thinking... I everyone dressed up to fly and then the airlines had to lower their standards for Non-Rev because if you were in a suit, everyone knew you were a non-rev.
jmilleratp 2
I think today's Delta (as opposed to yesterday's superior Delta) is substituting Public Relations for service. They think if they do something that sounds good in a Press Release, that's enough. They should be concentrating on service, and getting some of the Delta that was back again.

Also, the prices for Economy Comfort have gone up quite a bit. So, they should, at the very least, be adding "amenities."
Tim Duggan 1
Agree. Mergers. Chatted with a mechanic, and it's "Red Tails" versus "Blue Tails", when discussing the merger integration of Northwest/Delta.

This is somewhat typical of ALL airline mergers, throughout history. As the saying goes, "Time wounds all heels,".....OOPS, I meant, "Time Heals All Wounds"...(at least, I THINK that is what I meant to write...)....

But In RE: this article? I say "Pfffft"!! Delta Airlines WAS the "go-to" dream job, or at least that was the perception of this kid, trying to "get in", back in the early 1980s. I was at Scenic Airlines (based at KLAS) and a guy interviewed at Delta, didn't get hired...went to Western, which then MERGED with Delta!! Talk about "Karma"!! I think he laughed all the way to the bank....
WavemanT 1
My wife and I recently flew premium economy on Delta 747-400s between JFK and TLV. The extra 4 inches of pitch made for some added comfort, but that was about it. My experience on an Air France 777-300 last year was much better. In their version of premium economy, the seats were larger and more private than the ones in coach and included footrests. Food and amenities were better, as well. The cost was higher than Delta's, but IMO the difference was worth it.
Premium Economy only means a premium fee, used to fly on this class with Cathay Pacific. The funny part, Premium Economy provided 2 more inches of pitch and an extra 2 inches of reclining seats!

Premium scam...
First of all, there is nothing complimentary. Best amenity I have found is a set of Bose headphones and they weren't complimentary. Lol


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