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How Old Is Your Plane? These Airline Fleet Age Rankings May Surprise You

You'd be hard-pressed to find a sector that's as capital intensive and competitive as the airline industry. It literally takes billions of dollars these days to get an airline company off the ground. The costs of fueling, maintaining, and purchasing new aircraft, as well as paying unionized pilots and flight attendants, is enormous and often leaves only a very small profit margin left over. ( More...

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David George 3
Two Canadian carriers:
Air Canada--
a) Main fleet--13.6 years
b) Rouge--15.1 years
c) Jetz--20.9 years

Westjet--7.7 years
(105 - 737s), plus two 19 year old 757s, leased from Thomas Cook UK,
one of which, G-WJAN, used to fly as C-GJZS with Air Canada Jazz.
MH370 2
1.Virgin America -- 5 years
2.Spirit Airlines -- 5.2 years
3.Republic Airways -- 5.5 years
4.JetBlue -- 7.4 years
5.Frontier Airlines -- 8.2 years
6.Alaska Air -- 9.6 years
7.Hawaiian Airlines -- 10 years
8.AirTran -- 10.9 years
9.SkyWest -- 11 years
10.Southwest Airlines -- 11.7 years
11.US Airways -- 12.1 years
12.American Airlines -- 13.6 years
13.United Airlines -- 13.6 years
14.Delta Air Lines -- 16.9 years
15.Allegiant Travel -- 22 years
There is the long lead in time for new aeroplanes - A380 rollout 2005 first commercial flight 2007 still considered a new aeroplane. Boeing 787 2007 rollout first commercial flight 2013. An aeroplanes lifetime is basically number of cycles and airtime.
Check out Air Transat's A310"s some of them are well over 20 years old!!!
Jeraboam 1
ALL of them!


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