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WestJet's Tribute to Women in Aviation (Video)

Today, WestJet celebrates women in aviation with a video highlighting the diverse roles women hold in the aviation industry. While this is not a comprehensive list, we hope it illustrates the significant impact women have on what is commonly thought of as a male-dominated industry. ( More...

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Mike Williams 3
I love the fact that the caption in the beginning was written on a WestJet napkin - that was great!
Nice job! Kudos toWestJet from Elizabeth Robillard Mem# 7777
Jim Quinn 2
Great idea for a video! I've been a pilot for over 30 years, and every female instructor I've had over the years for checkrides, etc. has been better than most male instructor pilots because they have to be, just to be equal. Kudos!
Phil Knox 2


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