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Commercial Jet Flyby's

This definitely is not your everyday Airshow demonstration. Very skillful flying with commercial jets. ( More...

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That TAP pilot has a death wish IMO. Wing-tip clearance from ground was tight on some of those. Only takes a gust of wind to turn that bus into a cartwheeling fireball.

Cool shots indeed!
btweston 2
Recklessness aside, that was pretty rad.
Jeffrey Babey 2
Cool video....seeing a 747 get that close to the ground without landing is crazy! Good post.
Who would have thought an A380 could do a strafing run?
Kevin Haiduk 1
Wow that TAP pilot almost bit it. And the 380 took it really conservative. And the old Frys 747 sp is so ugly compare to the new 748.


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