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United Adds More Gluten-Free Options to In-Flight Menu

United Airlines announced it will introduce new items to its in-flight menu, including various gluten-free products, beginning March 1. The airline will switch to gluten-free salad dressing in first class on flights from the United States to various destinations in North and Central America. ( More...

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joel wiley 5
United also provides gluten-free fasting for a modest charge.
jwmson 3
Will someone please explain the term "airline food?" (Irony intended) I am so old I remember having full meals in coach on one hour flights on major airlines and menus with real choices of entrees on slightly longer flights.
Kent Thompson 3
Gluten, public enemy number 1.
You would have to be an idiot if you think you are getting anything healthy in prepared airline food. SWA probably has that market cornered with peanuts. Lol
Daniel Baker 4
This is great news for the 0.57% of people in the US who have celiac disease.
canuck44 5
True, but it turns out the numbers are much higher and include many of those labelled as having IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other "diseases" defined by symptoms. Most are now called "Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity" and probably represent multiple etiologies. About half of them show antibodies to gluten or wheat and some actually have genes that define the condition. The GI people are now getting much better at defining etiology with fancier (and pricey) tests for various etiologies of which Celiac is only a minority.
mynewego -2
Blah Blah Blah. Privaliged enough to think you may have some sort of issue, where were all these sensitive people 50 years ago?
ChrisMD123 3
Dead. You were dead because no one could diagnose you. Then the cilia in your small intestine died, you couldn't absorb nutrients from food, and so you became emaciated and died.

(Having seen this almost happen, I am completely with you on the people who are making up a sensitivity because they think it's a health benefit.)
Jon Meyer 1
i wasn't born yet.
And to the numerous others who convinced themselves they are part of the 0.57%.......
I wish UNITED would add some service !!! please, before the gluten free option,
and maybe STOP removing every main line service outide of SNA and LAX - oh
wait I forgot seasonal main to Palm Springs. American your looking even better now :)


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