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Russian UFO Jet Fighters 2014

Russian UFO Jet Fighters 2014 At a recent airshow in Paris, Russia showed off the maneuverability of their latest jet fighters with amazing aerobatics. 'Wow..! Pretty Impressive ! ( More...

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siriusloon 1
Don't believe everything you read. Even the captions on that page can't agree if it's Paris or Moscow and it's not "recent" judging by the clothing. It ain't that warm recently in either place.

The first couple of minutes show R/C aircraft, the rest shows 1/1-scale.

This video still would have been plenty impressive to watch if whoever uploaded it to LiveLeak had just labelled it for what it is.
bettiem 1
Entertaining. Some of the turning moments on loops (flips?) are consistent with vehicles having a much lower mass than a full size aircraft would have.
John McArthur 1
Totally fake. Look at the cameras. Very old bodys, very old glass too. No digital cameras in site.
vern egli 1
most of that footage is jet powered RC planes... but still pretty impressive


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