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Ukrainian plane makes emergency landing in Turkey after hijack attempt

The hijacker yelled ‘bomb!’ forcing pilots to send an emergency signal to Istanbul’s Sabiha Gökçen Airport. The hijacker may have attempted to divert the plane to Sochi, according to unconfirmed reports. ( More...

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porterjet 5
Once again it is time to correct the media. Pegasus is a Turkish airline, the flight originated in Kharkov but is not a Ukrainian plane.
sparkie624 3
idiots born every day... Stupid Drunks
phatstabley 2
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Turkish officials search plane over bomb claim

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — A Turkish official says a passenger claiming there was a bomb on board tried to divert an Istanbul-bound plane to Sochi, Russia, where the Olympics are kicking off....
joel wiley 1
Is terror threat a new Olympic demonstration sport, or is it just Russia?
sparkie624 2
It appears to be the latest sport... and it appears this years contestant has lost, and I hope there are no other contestants in that arena.
biz jets 1
Just Russia??? - USA had Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta - by an American !!!
joel wiley 1
And Munich before that. My question was whether we can expect it to become a regular event.
The wanna-be hijacker was wearing a Montreal Canadiens jersey. i wonder if there's a message in this.....
Torsten Hoff 0
>> Turkey's Air Force Control Center received a hijacking alert at 5:20 p.m. local time, and by 5:40, two F-16 jets had scrambled to intercept the hijacked airliner, a Boeing 737-800, according to Turkey's semiofficial Anadolu news agency.

Gotta love a 20 minute "scramble"...
Doug Herman 3
Aircraft were making U-turns in the sky for nearly two hours on 9/11 while WE were trying to engage. 20 minutes would have saved the day.
Ric Wernicke -2
I think they should have let him go to the games. No one else is.

[This comment was deleted.]

sparkie624 2
I think that you wee talking to a SPAMMER... When you see those posts give them a negative or thumbs down vote. At -10 the spam is not shown. Posting a reply to them only leaves a message with people wondering what you are talking about like this one, or either it moves the reply to someone else wonder why you said that to someone else.


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