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Ohana by Hawaiian’s first ATR42-500 arrives in Honolulu

Empire Airlines has ferried the first of three ATR42-500s, N804HC (cn 623), to Honolulu where it will soon begin operations for the new Hawaiian Airlines island-hopper service, “Ohana by Hawaiian.” ( More...

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Why post without a photo ?
here's the link
Alan Winn 1
Thanks for the links Scott and Daniel
Daniel Sallee 1

Great photo of the first airplane.
Joey Skusa 1
Flight for anyone wondering
joe milazzo 1
Hawaiian Airlines announced on Feb. 11, 2013 the name of its new venture into the turboprop interisland business. “Ohana by Hawaiian” will be operated by Empire Airlines using ATR 42 Turboprop airplanes. Service will begin in Summer 2013 to Molokai and Lanai.

I think they're a little behind schedule is service is to start summer of 2013!!!!!
Daniel Sallee 1
Wally Colbert 1
This could be the Demise of Island Air.....Lets hope NOT!!


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