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Evergreen International Files For Banruptcy

The petition filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wilmington, Delaware, cited as much as $100 million in assets and as much as $500 million in debt. ( More...

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99NY 1
Sad to see Evergreen go the way of so many US-flag freight carriers, but operating aging equipment and the feast or famine world of Government contracts will do that to ya.
toolguy105 1
Also the World of International Cargo has been very sparse of late. Many planed are sitting waiting for loads to make the trips worth while.
Evergreen has been around a long time.I hate to see this happen.I can inly imagine how this will affect forest fire season.
dg1941 1
Such a sad thing to hear of such a great company. I once had the opportunity to see their 747-200, such an amazing sight to see.


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