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Video - Small Plane lands on Moving Freighter

Cool video of a Foxbat A22 making an at-sea landing on the commercial freighter M/V Oceanic while it moved at 9 knots in the English Channel. ( More...

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Jeff Lawson 4
Their short field take-off procedure was rather interesting: two crewmen hanging onto the wing struts and dragging their feet on the deck to apply a greater braking force...
bbabis 3
Yes, it can be done, but why? Looks like it came very close to being viewed on the epic fail video site. Glad to see a lot of precautions were taken and all involved came thru ok.
From an old retired Naval Aviator - Nicely done -
AB1946 2
Incredible flying! Added bonus was the takeoff.
Bill Kline 1
wondering if this was pland - of corse and what repercussions were any?
in this country it would been a lawsuit and accused of drug running
Cancel 74GL -You said im over the limit of 5

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Musketeer1 0
The people have spoken and I guess I am alone in my opinion. That doesn't change it, though. Don't knock flight simulators; those things get me my type ratings.
bentwing60 1
I have flown with more than one sim. pro. who couldn't fly his, or on occasion, her way out of a wet paper bag. If the shoe don't fit, don't wear it. I suspect Brendan and Alex and the sort would not do what they do without a Go-Pro camera, and the inspiration of U Tube and Jackass. If you care to question my credentials, hit 857DN on 10-30 SNA-AUS.The weather was entertaining, and for the first time in my career SWA said, we'll follow them.
Musketeer1 1
Also, there is a pretty decent margin between greasing a landing and bouncing so high that you practically leave ground effect.
Musketeer1 -4
If you don't want to waste your time - the idiotic, Darwin poking, talentless act is accomplished quite horribly at the 3:20 mark. They tried to tempt fate even more with that horrendous takeoff at 4:20.


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