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World's most dramatic runways (PHOTOS)

Arriving at an air terminal is rarely a memorable event. All the more reason to book a flight touching down at one of these hairy or awesome air strips. (TNCM is my favorite!!) ( More...

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John Rogers 3
Anyone who thinks landing at Kansai is like landing on an aircraft carrier has never landed on an aircraft carrier.
chalet 4
Old and worn out hat, CNN lost its bearings long ago, boring s hell
sparkie624 1
A lite news day.
siriusloon 1
If you're still watching it to be so sure that's the way it is, why are you still watching it?

If you're not still watching it because you decided long ago that it's that bad, how do you know if it still is that way since you no longer watch it?

There are plenty of news sources, so pick one you like and don't worry about the rest. Unles you own shares in CNN, what does it matter to you how bad they are now? If you've got so much free time that you watch a channel you don't like and you whinge about it online, you really should find something better to do with your time. Drive for Meals on Wheels, volunteer at a food bank, read a book, have a nap.
chalet 1
I deign to watch them only at nights when guys like Wolf and Quest come up, the rest are second rate
Dear friend chalet, 24X7 news channels ,
24X7 new(s) ? Difficult. No ?
chalet 0
Hve you ever heard the expression: if you can't hack it, get the hell out of the kitchen. CNN used to be a very good source of news, now they play second no, make it third fiddle to CBS, Fox and others, OK?
dee9bee 2
I have to agree with Pileits on this one. I'm surprised CNN hasn't already covered this subject because lord knows everyone else has. In one case, the airport's claim to fame is that it's ONLY six feet above sea level? Please!
Pileits 2
CNN must not have been able to find any news worth reporting, so they find this and label it "Drama"
btweston 3
CNN is a very large company. They have lots of people reporting on lots of things. Sometimes they report on things that you apparently know everything about. Most of us get on with our lives. Some people anonymously whine about it on the internet.
siriusloon 0
Well said, sir. Well said. Thank you.
siriusloon -1
Yes, of course, that's exactly what they did. There was absolutely nothing else reported by CNN besides this story. It's the only thing on their website because they couldn't find anything else to report.

Perhaps you're unaware that unlike a newspaper or magazine with finite editorial space available in each issue, a website is not constrained by such limits and they can include as much extra material as they want. If you disagree with that policy, get hired as CNN's editor-in-chief or some other senior position where you can set the policies that you want them to have.

In the meantime, if you don't like what they report, don't watch the channel and don't look at the website. It makes no sense to torture and exasperate yourself when you can so easily choose to avoid viewing either the channel or the website.

Or is your daily existence so bereft of anything meaningful to do that you fill your day with complaints about what other people do? And, of course, since you feel you have the right to complain about CNN -- and you certainly do have that right -- then you won't mind when someone complains about your posts.
chalet 2
whine, baby, whine, and amen
A list compiled by non-pilots...Lukla, Nepal, and St. Bart's should be on every list.
Dramatic...crap. Some deceptive visual approaches and challenging for the pilot. Try the wind at Wellington Airport then it becomes very challenging at times. The passengers can't see the approach so pick any airport and its just a ride in the tube looking out the side.
I got 2 of the 10 Not bad.
Dennis Noah 1
KIX is sinking. Recall lengths at 13k and 12k feet, some airccraft carrier.


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