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Norwegian Air Returns Boeing 787 Due to Unreliability

Norwegian Air Shuttle is returning one of its new 787 Dreamliners to Boeing demanding repairs after the jet has suffered repeated breakdowns, it said on Saturday. ( More...

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josh homer 1
Perhaps they should learn how to properly maintain the aircraft? Call me crazy, but it just might work.
JetMech24 1
Maintain the aircraft? Really? Its not even due for its first lube job. WHAT maintenance did they not maintain?
matt jensen 1
Don't think that's the problem. Who wants to field test this a/c?
Ok I get it, new plane, but this is getting silly
dondtus 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

"Nor Shuttle" (NAX) Grounds Faulty Dreamliner for ‘Reliability’ Tests

The second Norwegian Air Shuttle AS 787 Dreamliner is being taken out of service for repairs to make the airliner more reliable. During the downtime the airline will lease an Airbus A340 to ensure all scheduled fights continue to run between Sweden and the U.S. and Thailand.


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