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Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Florida

Small plane lands safely after part of landing gear ( More...

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Daniel Baker 0
That is a terrific video although it's a heartbreaker when both props strike the ground. Here is [ the flight link although there is no track log].
Beechluvr 0
ditto...first thought was.....ouch! Thats gonna cost.
John Navara 0
I was trying to figure that out as well. Once the runway is made, kill the engines to prevent the props from striking to ground while the engines are running.
Swen Ventures 0
Great post, the footage was excellent! The pilot did a great job, came in very controlled, kind of tested the front, and cut the engines, most importantly he walked away. Did a good job to save the airplane from tons of damage too. Can he not wind down the front landing gear manually?
Steve Girault 0
I watched part of this "live" (before the actual landing) on FoxNews while at work. They asked an "aviation expert" (I hate that term!) what he thought and he said something like: The landing gear appears to be down, so most likely the landing will not be a problem. GOOD GRIEF! What kind of expert was he. I could tell just by casual glance that the nose gear was not locked...
Good job by the pilot keeping the nose up as long as he could.


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