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Kulula Air Tries Not to Take Itself Too Seriously

Kulula-air.com is a low-fare 737 carrier based in South Africa. The airline started in 2001 and recently took delivery of a new 737-800 with an unusual paint scheme. Dubbed "Flying 101" it isn't the typical Kulula logo-jet. Someone there clearly has a sense of humor. The entire airplane is covered with details about the plane, including arrows pointing to the more interesting parts. "The big cheese" describes the captain's window. An arrow points to the aircraft's… (www.gadling.com) More...

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Nice one GG!
Jason Rhew 0
Cohen is a flat out lier.
John McCarthy 0
tries - not tires.
Larry Toler 0
That is completely unproffesional and unfunny for an airliner. Good heavens! That's pretty funny. I wish I would have thought of that. I'm sure there are people out there who wouldn't find the humor with that paint job.


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