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Plane From Ireland Lands in Philly After "Unsubstantiated" Threat

US Air Flight #777 from Ireland landed in Philadelphia after an "unsubstantiated" threat, according to Philadelphia police. As a precaution, the plane was taken to a remote area of the airport so that Philadelphia police and Homeland Security could search passengers and luggage. Police said the threat was called in to the Philadelphia Airport by an unknown male. ( More...

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The Philadelphia Inquirer's quote of the week: "After the plane landed about 1:40 p.m., it was directed to the isolated 'taxiway hotel' area..."

Apparently the author at least listened to the ATC feed, even if he didn't understand a word of it.
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photos from scene
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Emergency landing at Philadelphia airport

A plane heading from Ireland was scheduled to land at Philadelphia International Airport today at 2 PM. According to the airline website the flight originated from Shannon,Ireland and landed at 1:59 PM.
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1-US Airways plane makes emergency landing in Philadelphia

A US Airways flight from Ireland's Shannon Airport made an emergency landing at Philadelphia International Airport on Wednesday due to an unspecified threat, police and the airline said.


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