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83 passengers sued Boeing after SFO crash

83 survivors from Asiana 214 plane crash have filled a lawsuit seeking millions from Boeing ( More...

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Peter Rabyk 3
I was wondering when the frivolous lawsuits would begin. It always amazes me how just because Boeing built the airplane that somehow they are responsible. But I guess somebody has to be sued. Sad!!!
canuck44 3
The legal parasites were undoubtedly at the crash scene. Suing Boeing is pretty much like suing Ford for crashing your F-150. There will be lots of judge shopping going on to find one unethical enough to not just throw it out.

This type of crap begs for "loser pay" legislation which includes a provision that if the suit was filed by lawyers on contingency, then the lawyers are considered the loser and must pay the winner.
preacher1 1
Regardless of where you stand on the issue, "loser pay" legislation" would be a good motivation for stopping some of the frivolous crap that goes on these days. Granted, it is no cost to a plaintiff and the lawyer is the one investing the time/money but a defendant does have the expense of defending themselves, even if found innocent. As one said, Boeing has a legal dept bigger than a lot of companies, and primarily just for deals like this. This won't be their first rodeo.
Er.A.K. Mittal -1
You need some information about the ethics applicable to lawyers and it is similar all over the world. Lawyers are not parasites. Like doctors are not!
Assuming the impossible that ALL lawyers refuse, Americans, Koreans and all others. As a part of natural justice in such situations it will be the legal obligation of the Court to provide a lawyer on the Court panel. And such lawyers are known as A.C.'s, Amicus Curiea, friend of the Court. Every Court maintains a list of Lawyers who have volunteered to be on such a panel. And every lawyer on such a panel knows the associated perils. I too am on one such panel created by the Apex Court of my country, India. And have some times represented persons not amenable to my country! Fees paid to such lawyers is extremely low, lowest as may exist in the local system! A token fee only. And no body is complaining because for us it is a voluntary social service.
This type of legal aid exists every where, the manner and style may differ marginally from one jurisdiction to another.
canuck44 1
You need to read my post again...the accusation was not all lawyers are parasites but I referred to "Legal parasiste", a rather obvious subset of the whole. The classic definition of parasite is a "person who receives support, advantage, or the like, from another or others without giving any useful or proper return, as one who lives on the hospitality of others". Ultimately parasites destroy the host as in American society where a substantial percentage of the cost of goods and services or doing business is skimmed off by the trial lawyers.

As for medicine...if we were to be performing the same function in society as the trial lawyers, we would have to be defecating in the water supply to make people sick.
daniel klein 2
They are willing to sue the manufacturers of the parts which malfunctioned in this crash (auto throttles, slides) . We will see what will happen , however someone is responsible for this crash (either Asiana or the plane manufacturer)
With my limited knowledge of law, Boeing has no role to play in this crash. But yes, in the process a few fellow lawyers/counsels/attorneys of both sides will be able make some living for their families.
And it will be the customers and the share holders of the two companies who will bear the brunt of all this avoidable expenditure! Boeing for no fault of theirs and because the legal war will be thrust upon them. And Asiana because of their wrongly placed priorities!
My apologies, even survivors are wrongly advised due to personal motives of the lawyers. And if they are bent upon fighting a loosing battle, no one can stop, not even a lawyer. Because, as we all know, if one adivises correctly and advises against the suit some one else will do the bidding of the adamant future litigants. Every one has to make a living.


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