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World Trade Center developer seeks billions in 9/11 damages from airlines, Boeing

An almost unbelievable story of greed! "A federal judge in New York heard initial arguments Monday in a trial in which the developer of the World Trade Center argues that he should get billions of dollars from the airlines whose jets plowed into the Twin Towers almost 12 years ago. New York developer Larry Silverstein's company, World Trade Center Properties, which is still paying on a 99-year lease on the destroyed towers, has already collected more than $4 billion in insurance from… ( More...

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Peter Cooper 6
OK Larry, I'll agree that you get an extra 4 Billion, provided you pay the entire amount to the families of the NYPD, Port Authority & FDNY officers who died trying to save your buildings, and to the families of all the workers who were working in your buildings and had a right to expect that they were structually sound and safe.
Brian Lager 4
The judge in the case blocked any attempt by this cretin from getting his hands on any more money. The verdict came on Thursday. He also won't be able to collect from anyone else either. Greed knows no bounds. The turd said he will appeal. Good luck with that.
Peter Rabyk 3
Two words....Greedy Prick!!!
Sam Hofer 3
To bad he wasn't the only person in the building when it happened. Greedy Prick
Ralph Addison 3
I Agree, total Greed on the part of Larry Silverstein.
Tom Adams 1
Why doesn't this asshole go to the countries the hi-jackers originally came from and try suing in their court system. Oh yeah, he can't those are arab countries.
tjecon 1
No kidding! It is so sad!
Tell him he needs to sue Osama Bin Laden. Oh yeah, the US Government did him in, didn't they. Well maybe Larry can sue the US Government? No, they don't have any money either .... it's all owed to the Chinese. What to do?

The only people winning here are the lawyers .....


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