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Disney Flies Into Theaters

Get the kids started on aviation now. DISNEY has take off, with the already highly rated "PLANES" coming next month, to a theater near you ! I'll be there. ( More...

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Ric Wernicke 3
I ordered a "Planes" baseball hat and it arrived today. I opened the box and found a "Dumbo" hat. I guess that'll fly.
Toby Sharp 1
HAHAHA. Poor Guido!
Eric Spittle 2
I absolutely refuse to give theaters $10 per ticket to see a movie that used to cost $5...

Except for this one, I am pretty sure the kid wants to see it but honestly I don't care. He will be T the theater with me either way.
Kira Andreola 1
Can't wait to see this!
sparkie624 1
Will have to check it... Sounds interesting.
Brett H. 1
Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards (Iceman and Goose from Top Gun) are the voices of a couple of Navy F-18's. Pretty cool! Huge Pixar fan here.
pugrad92 1
I can't wait for this one! I am more excited than my kids are!
Ernest Chou 1
Signed up for a advance screening.
Ernest Chou 1
Already signed up for an advance screening in my city.


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