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United Scrubs 787 Flights Almost Four Times More Than Other Jets

United Airlines (UAL), the only U.S. operator of Boeing Co. (BA)’s 787 Dreamliner, is canceling flights by those planes almost four times as often as on the rest of its fleet, signaling that the new jets remain prone to breakdowns. Trips by United’s six Dreamliners were scrubbed 3.8 percent of the time from May 20 through June 26, according to Houston-based data tracker, which reviewed the flights at the request of Bloomberg News. The rate excluding the 787s was 1 percent in the… ( More...

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joel wiley 6
I question the conclusion of the statistics. 37 days, how many flights by what airplanes and destinations. Six aircraft make a small sample. What was the nature of the cancellations, and how do these compare with the rest of the UA fleet? Further question, Are the UA 787s targets a disparate hyper vigilant scrutiny compared with the rest of the fleet?

I don't say Bloomberg is wrong, just that their statistical tests aren't necessarily valid.
Bill Winslow 1
Ooooh, someone who knows something about stats. Nice!
canuck44 3
We must be missing something...United just ordered five more 787s. They obviously are voting for the aircraft with their wallets.
preacher1 2
I really hope that the 787 doesn't turn out like WINDOWS VISTA.
josh homer 1
Hahaha! That would be disastrous!
David Sims 1
Probable has more to do with the number of 787s in their fleet. They don't have a bunch of spares waiting to go like they would with other aircraft.


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