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Airline aims to save fuel by hiring mostly lighter female flight attendants

Behold the airline industry's latest attempt at cutting weight in an effort to save on fuel: Indian airline GoAir is looking to hire mainly female flight attendants in the future. Because they weigh less. The Times of India reports that male flight attendants typically weigh 33-44 pounds more than the female ones. For every flight hour, GoAir says, it costs (by the current exchange rate) $0.76 extra for the male flight attendant compared to a female one. GoAir currently has 330 cabin crew… ( More...

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ltcjra 1
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GoAir To Hire Lightweight Female Attendants To Improve Fuel Efficiency

It is a novel idea but one that would not get off the ground in the USA.
Leenydld 1
All attendants obviously have to be in shape to do their jobs properly. But let's not forget that muscle weighs more than fat. I've seen folks at the gym actually weigh MORE than they used to but be a size smaller - both men and women. I'm not speaking of bulging muscles everywhere - just well toned.
sparkie624 1
LOL, yeah right.... Some I have seen could fit though the Emergency Exit Door if they had to... One I saw stopped right beside me... Bent over to help some in the isle seat.... She was wider than the distance of the seats on an RJ for leg room... Some of the others that I have seen lately almost need walkers.
Maybe this trend will catch on with US airlines!!!
sparkie624 1
I Hope So... :))
canuck44 1
Imagine the furor if an airline tried this in the US or Canada even if they tried this on a unisex basis. Maybe the vertically challenged (dwarf and midget are no longer pc approved terms) could then get a leg up somewhere other than the racetrack.


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