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Passenger claims he poisoned everyone onboard UAL 116

FBI meeting plane at EWR ( More...

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joel wiley 2
The story does not support the headline- he was among the poisoned.
9 hours into the flight, maybe his meds wore off.
Rob Harrison 2
Perhaps a 15 hour flight would make some of us crazy, too. Especially on United. AND, just because you are paranoid, it doesn't menan they AREN'T after you!
Mike Barbato 3
Actually, the gent makes some good points. It's now proven the government is actively spying on all of us, amongst many other bad things, so maybe we should be following his lead.
Toby Sharp 1
Hopefully he was bum rushed and duct taped in the can
btweston 1
After they determined what actually happened, of course. We're not in Soviet Russia, after all.

Especially since what he's claiming isn't really possible. Obviously just a crazy guy.

Bum rushed.... What a world.
Ryan Costello 1
The original headline/story was what I quoted in the headline on the squawk, AP updated the story and headline later when details came out.
joel wiley 3
OK. Another example of ready, fire, aim online news reporting. Get it first, 'acruacy' comes in fourth.


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