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Top 10 plane crashes

Check out a complete top 10 of most important plane crashes in the history. The article contains photos and videos from each accident. Please like ! ( More...

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David Sims 2
Articles like this are usually a matter of opinion. To each their own. In my opinion the crash of United 5925 in Quincy was also important, as it changed safety and fire fighting standards for commercial airports.
daniel klein 0
Please read my previous comment.
daniel klein 1
Hi! Thanks for the reply.
In the begining of the article you will notice that we say "top crashes... That meant something to aviation" . For example first crash made changes to traffic controllers.

However you are right. If you are interested to contributw to our site, let me know. Thanks!
Pileits 1
All this goofy KRASH stuff is sensationalist headline JUNKY journalism. The most important crash is the one that kills YOU.

Let the NTSB take care of crash reporting.
Rick Rump 1
Numerous errors!
daniel klein 1
Thanks . Care to elaborate ?
Rick Rump 1
Most glarringly:
In the section about TWA2/UAL718 the article mentions "The money were[sic] perfectly invested as there hasn’t been anymore mid-air collisions in the United States in 47 years." -- Yet a few years later we had a mid-air in NYC, then you talk about Aeromexico which was another mid-air, before that you had an Allegheny and PSA flight both have mid-airs with private aircraft.
A few comments though:
1) Swiss 111 was more than just dangerous insulation, it also harkened to the ceoncept of checklist addiction -- A checklist that took 45 minutes when they could have safely landed the plane if they did not have to follow such a cumbersome checklist.
2) Why not list the probable cause of TWA800? More importantly list why it is important, fuel inerting (Mind you the need to inert fuel was known before the incident, but it finally forced regulatory agencies to necessitate it in aircraft).
3) Critter 592 is one I do not think a lot of people fully appreciate. Here you have things improperly and unknowingly stored, this happened before the accident and will probably sadly to say happen again.
daniel klein 1
Thanks for your comments. I will adjust the article accordingly.
The first affirmation is relative . It doesn't mention that it hasn't been anymore mid-air accidents until present. It just states for 47 years.
I have adjusted the first observation to : The investment had benefical effects in aviation as it dramaticly decreased the mid-air collisions

1) I have added your comments about Swiss 111.
2) I have added the video which explains everything . If you have some other things to mention , please make comments which i can include in the list.
3) Again if you have something which you want to change to my article , please let me know .

Hope its ok now .
You can recheck the article. I will make more tops - this one is inspired from and its aim is to point crashes which changed something in the history of aviation.

Anymore help would be appreciated .
preacher1 1
My only comment is about DAL 191. The biggest thing that came out of that, while recognizing the wind shear, was Doppler Radar itself. It was basically just on trial and this spurred it's deployment. Most guys flying today just couldn't comphrehend a green blob on their radar, not knowing what they were really seeing, nor could they envision a world without Doppler
daniel klein 1
Sorry if there are any mistakes in the article.
Please provide your feedback.


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