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Trying times for Airport Screening

Apparently the traveling public has a negative view of the Airport Screening. Whoda Thunk it. ( More...

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preacher1 7
Well, as arrogance goes, they were directed to take cooments before implementing this technolgy. They didn't and finally, only thru a court order did they listen and some are now being removed. Nothing said about wasted money or anything as minor as that. As far as feeling safer????? I felt a heck of a lot safer right after 911 when the military was in the terminals sporting loaded M-16's or whatever, pre TSA days, but that's just me.IMHO
matt jensen 3
Agents immediately after 911 were hired out of the airlines own Andy Frain Usher complement. No one took the advice to hire retired police officers. Who knows better what a firearm looks like than a cop!
Are they looking for a "warm fuzzy" for this jobs program?
Martin Weaver 2
Americans demanded that Congress do something, and they did, but they never do anything smart. Instead of strategic solutions, we get the illusion of enhanced security. I can tell you from twenty-five years in the pointy-end of an airplane that this is just more eyewash. TSA and the Department of Homeland Security should be abolished now.
Dana Levin 2
It's a dog and pony show according to people in the airline business that I've talked to. If scanners are so effective, how come European airports don't use them?
acmi 1
how to get rid of the full body scanners
acmi 1
sorry finger happy previous

1- get to the airport early
2- stand in line for a long time
3- when you get up to the front - if they are using the full body scanners- refuse the scan---they must then go find (or wake up)some TSA person who speaks English, is actually trained, and do a pat down on you. It usually takes 20 minutes to find the TSA dweeb and about 2 minutes for the pat down.
4- it chokes up the entire checkpoint---if everyone does it their 'system' will come to a screeching halt!

if 1 person does they think you're strange
if two people do it they think you're gay
if three people do it they think it may be a movement
if four people do it they think it is a revolution
Arlo Guthrey
Andy Tyler 1
"Their analysis, published in The Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management in 2011, found that the body scanners would have to prevent a terrorist attack once every two years to justify the cost to buy and operate the machines at every checkpoint in the United States."

that pretty summarizes what every professional traveler has been saying all along. We're basically paying for a show. Not to mention numerous TSA audits showing undercover officers sneaking restricted items past security. Random screening is just useless imho. If you want to make it effective, use it on everyone, not just every other traveler. A smart terrorist can always change his place in line to avoid the scanner.
suz 1
A system in free-fall. Oh yeah, bring the knives, bats and hockey sticks, etc. back come September. Airlines should do their part and reduce bag fees so this stuff can be checked in baggage. The only thing that should matter is cabin safety. Might as well be riding on a bus in Mumbai.
preacher1 2
I think as long as there is a fee of any amount, that will be an incentive for carry on. Tough as it may be on everyone, the only alternative to the security issue as well as clogged boarding, is to severly restrict the carry on to where we get back to coats and small personal items


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