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Work Set to Start on Burma Spitfire Recovery

In two weeks, aviation archaeologists will start working to unearth what they expect will be as many as 36 new-in-the-box Supermarine Spitfires. ( More...

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James Vance 2
According to David Cundall (the man who's pursued this mystery for several decades), the restoration to flight capability of these birds might be accomplished within 3 years...
joel wiley 2
I can see the E-Bay auction now... 1940's Supermarine Spitfire NIM (New In Box) 36 of a kind offer.
preacher1 1
lol. I think you'll see a push for $ returned. He may be an enthusiast but sometime last year he picked up an investor. Don't know who but he didn't get in there for his health
James Vance 1
The investor is Victor Kislyi, who apparently gained his wealth from the "World of Tanks" online game -- see the article in the Telegraph at the link below:
joel wiley 1
He's dropping a cool mill on the project. In this country, that wouldn't let you lease a cogressman for more than a few months!
shawn white 1
Strange, when I click the link it won't open. Says something like:
Error 403 spam RBL listed IP address ( ...???
preacher1 1
I think the article asks the same questions that most of us would have, the main one being why. The results will be interesting.


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