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Wounded Marine Humiliated On Delta Airlines Flight

Why do stories like this still happen to Veterans? ( More...

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Pilotguyr6 4
I cant believe they would treat him that way!
preacher1 4
Thanks for the link. It worked just fine. The treatment is sad indeed, BUT, as with any corporation that size, you have to look at individuals, namely the FA, and ultimately the Captain, for this particular situation. I doubt if DAL or any other company for that matter, condones thes and there will probably be some repercussions somewhere. As far as him getting back home to KMEM, he probably won't have to worry about DAL anyway as they have about abandoned it.
As a Marine and a Delta employee this is unacceptable behavior by the flight crew. However this dose not represent the airline as a whole. Delta Airlines is a very military friendly airline. Terrible events like this unfortunately happen at every airline. Delta remains committed to veterans and their families. SEMPER FI

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preacher1 3
It does appear there were those on the flight that cared. If I read this right, the Marine himself did not complain, at least verbally. It was those around him that brought this whole thing to light, BUT, they were ALL under command of the FA. You notice the Captain took a quick powder to keep from having to deal with it so he must have known something was going on and dumped it on the poor FO to handle. As I said earlier, I blame the FA and ultimately the Captain. Although he may not have known what was going on, it was his flight, but ultimately it was the lead FA or all of them. I guess it was her time of month.
Toby Sharp 4
Delta is dead to me
clearly you don't have enough class to fly Delta anyways.
joel wiley 2
That wasn't the way we treated them when we met the C-9a Nightingale in Long Beach in 71-72. But then, they don't get spit upon off base now.
preacher1 2
Joel, I remember taking the higher fare and wearing civvies after my separation at McChord in 72, to keep from getting spit on and heckled. This is just another atrocity not supported by the majority but defifinitly the mindset of an indiviual, and one that needs to be weeded out by DAL, as it is damn sure not their feeling.
preacher1 2
I can't get it up. I get a 403/forbidden access error on the URL
lighthouses 2
Hope this post works for you this is from the washington post.
Toby Sharp 1
SHelta Shairlines
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Munford Marine Home After In-Flight Controversy

Score one for General Aviation! Wounded Marine Christian Brown is home in Munford, Tennessee. No thanks to Delta Airlines. Corporal Brown lost his legs to an I-E-D explosion in Afghanistan and his dignity to an airline now receiving a lot of bad PR for its treatment of a local war hero.
lighthouses -2
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Wouned Marine Humiliated On Delta Airlines Flight

Why do stories like this still happen to Veterans.


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