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Drone Accident Rate At Civilian Airports 'Unacceptably High'

Pilot Error, Software Issues, Mechanical Failures All Cited As Causes Internal Air Force investigation reports indicate that the service is losing drones at an unacceptably high rate at civilian airports similar to an accident which occurred in the Seychelles in April. In that accident, an inexperienced operator flying an MQ-9 Reaper (similar aircraft pictured in USAF photo) launched the aircraft without permission..... ( More...

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andy streit 2
How much do each of these cost? Oh don't worry, its' for "our" safety. Besides, the government has unlimited funds to purchase new ones. But remember, the drones are in the skys to keep us safe. Just like the TSA.

Sure hope they will show up on tcas.
Damien Gehler 0
For most cases,isn't pilot error out of the question with basically a flying robot?


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