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Family Talks About Escaping Death After Plane Crashes Into Their Home

Loretta and Roosevelt Jamison look at what's left of their home, still stunned over what happened. "It ain't hit me yet. You know, just coming back seeing it," said Roosevelt Jamison. Loretta Jamison says she was in her bedroom sorting through her mail around 5:15 that November 13th evening. "All of a sudden I heard a big noise and it knocked all my stuff down off the mantle on my mantle," added Loretta Jamison. ( More...

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While I am sympathetic to Ms. Jackson's injuries, loss and displacement I find the News reports focus a bit troubling.

I tend to agree with chalet below - this IS an aviation blog / website and you seem to have searched for THEE story that had the least amount of Aviation related information. The fact that THREE men died in the crash was relegated to a tag line at the end of the story.

I'm looking at the video of the home in flames, the vehicles parked around it and Ms. Loretta with her bandaged fingers, hand and home made sling. Skin grafts for second degree burns are pretty unusual but I'm sure all of this will come out in the Investigation being conducted by the Jamison's Attorney - Praise God!

The statement from Ms. Jamison: "All of a sudden I heard a big noise and it knocked all my stuff down off the mantle on my mantle,", am I the only one to notice that neither Loretta, Roosevelt or their smartly dressed attorney so much as uttered a word about or out of concern for the pilot, passengers and THEIR families in this "tragic event"?

I'm certain of at least two facts in this case, first that the families of the three who perished in the crash will have a pretty somber Holiday Season and second, the Jamison's will not be staying in a hotel for long... and the outlook for their Christmas appears quite promising.
Bob Smith 2
I couldn't agree with you more, Marc! What a terrible focus of an article. I suppose the pilots' families had better prepare themselves for a holiday lawsuit :( By the way, the article has now been amended to remove any mention of the occupants of the aircraft. Odd, indeed!
dmanuel 1
I am glad the family survived this accident. I wonder why the report provided no details on the flight/pilot (passengers).
chalet 1
This piece should not have been brought over here, this is an aviation blog so all details pertaining such as type of aircraft, model, etc. should have been clearly published


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