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Plane Held on NYC Tarmac Over Passenger's Comment

A plane destined for Fort Lauderdale, Fla., has been held on the tarmac at New York's LaGuardia Airport while authorities investigate a comment by a passenger. ( More...

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Very informative post!!!
Joseph Howes 1
you're kidding right? im not saying they shoudnt be causous but isnt holding it on the tarmac a little bit too much
richard weiss 1
The passenger was likely terrorized when he discovered how high the baggage fees are on Spirit.
Joseph Howes 1
who knows
Joseph Howes 1
(continued from previous comment) i know 9/11 happened R.I.P for all those who died, but they could just take the passenger off the plane and let the plane go to Fort lauderdale
Don Thomson 1
What is missing from the story is what was the "comment", that was upgraded to a "terrorist threat"? My gawd, there's a terrorist in my soup, Emma.


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